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Party Starter

2.7.3 for Android

Party Starter

Party Starter contains the best party games och is perfect for any occasion.

Do you want to get to know some new people? Play the classic "Never have I..."!
Do you want to get your friends drunk? Try out "Party Starter Classic"!
Do you want get the party started? Play "Explain the word" in teams!

Party Starter includes the following games:
• Most Likely To...
• Never Have I Ever...
• King's Cup
• True or False
• A to Z
• Explain the Word
• Party Starter Classic

The games contains hours of fun with simple instructions to get you going. There are games that can be played live on your phone without any other equipment and other games with crystal clear instructions.

Gather your friends and we ensure that you will have a good time with Party Starter!

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