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Egg Catching Game – Catch Chicken Eggs

1.18 for Android

Egg Catching Game – Catch Chicken Eggs

Welcome to new egg catcher egg games!
It's an addictive egg game in which you have to catch eggs dropping from the tree. The dancing chickens have laid eggs, so save the life of eggs before they get broken. Catch as many chicken eggs as you can. Beware! It's a game of eggs so don't miss any egg. It's very easy to play and interesting free egg games for kids.

Egg Catcher Game: Features
A competitive eggs catching game
Addicting chicken egg games
Egg games for kids
Beautiful graphics & cool sounds
Fun eggs casual games
Free eggs catcher game

Tips to play egg games:
Tap your finger left or right to move basket.
Catch white eggs in cool fun game
Don't drop eggs in chicken games

If you like eggs games, you are gonna love egg catching games. The eggs continuously fall down from the tree so keep on tapping to catch chicken eggs. The more eggs you collect, the more scores you win.
Eggs chicken is also a game for kids to teach them catch eggs by counting it.
Download this exciting new egg catcher game free.

P.S If you miss an egg you will lose the level. So try to catch all chicken eggs.

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