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0.8.6 for Android
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Ace Commando

Ace Commando is a stealth and action-packed Army shooter game for the mobile. This military game has multiple missions, where the player has to fight against different A.I., complete mission objectives and fight bosses. The player can use stealth or brawl it out with enemies. They can buy new weapons and skins to upgrade their power level.
>Note: This is a public preview of the game in development. It's limited to only one Episode(10 levels) and has bugs. We value your opinions and are excited to hear all your feedback.
>[Multiple Unique Locations]
>Multiple combat and stealth missions spread over multiple environments. Locations have different enemies, new missions and objectives for the player.
>[Over 20 Real Guns]
>Multiple real-world weapons each with different stats and realistic visual and sound effects.
>[Realistic and H-D Graphic]
>Ace Commando is designed with realistic and high-quality graphics. It has smooth combat controls and game-play.
>Selected for Google Indie Games Accelerator 2018.
>To deliver the best experience we would need some permissions from our users:
>LOCATION: These permissions are needed to show the right advertisement contents for the targeted users for better ad experience.
>READ_WRITE_FILES: These permissions are needed to cache and read video content during the gameplay.

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