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War Fight
1.3.4 for Android
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Stick Shadow

Stick Shadow fighter are those trained in the art of destroying their foes with devastating blows and stickman powerful ki SSJ attacks.
>When making a Stick Shadow fighter dbz, think about how you grew up. Were you trained since childhood to be a fighter? Or do you have other interests mixed into your life? Think about what goals you would have. Do you want to become powerful to gain something, protect someone, or do you just want to fight strong opponents?
>Addictive gameplay z fighters, a thumping soundtrack to the fighter with Stickman super saiyan action on a grand scale warriors
>- Collect over 20 characters SSJ with unique fight dbz styles
>- Upgrade and unlock over 20 unique special moves for each fighter
>- Stick Fighter super saiyan has the most basic control ever!
>- High-quality graphics! Stunning special effects! Stickman saiya fight ssj present you the best gaming experience!
>Go Fan page view update new heroes and suggest best new heroes. We will add now!!!
>Fan page:

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