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1.45 for Android
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Events High For Organizers

Manage your Events High listings at your convenience from your mobile phone on the go; even when there is no internet.
  - Create and Edit event in a few simple steps.
  - See the number of sales, leads, views and favourites of your event at a glance.
  - See the total amount made from the sales of a particular event.
  - See the statistics of total ticket sale for last week.
  - See the entire detail of the people who bought tickets for the event.
  - Keep track of customers who attended the event after buying tickets using the check-in feature.
  - See the list of users who failed to book as potential leads generated for the event.
  - See the list of users who have pre-booked your event and allot them slots for the same.
  - Keep track of the leads via the follow up feature.
  - Promote your event through a click via Events High promotion feature.
  - Even better, use all the above features when offline..

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