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Bioequa, the first Mobile Application for all Smart phones.

In industry that rises with the suddenness of thunder bolt, its growth rate is comparable to the real estate, technology industry, having a close relationship with our lives and possesses an overall economic benefit, scanty few well-renowned brands, however it implies a great opportunities and a lower threshold - it is the beauty industry which made MEDNSPA HK LMITED rise abruptly.

MEDNSPA HK LMITED was established in December 2012, authorized by the New York BIOEQUA as the exclusive distributor in China and Southeast Asia. MEDNSPA will become the partner BIOEQUA, New York – promoting liquid nano technology and products.

MEDNSPA Hong Kong consists of a competent team, with resources. Besides the PhD graduates, there were elite from several renowned institutions, which have a very high efficiency in marketing and administration. Through the establishment of professional brand management experts, company's strategic alliance with the media, extend for the reach of more customers in providing the world's magnificent beauty products.

MEDNSPA dedicated to implement the wealth and coexistence philosophy, with MEDNSPA’s market acumen, we have been a long way ahead in the beauty industry, standing on the extremity of the market.

MEDNSPA has successfully promoted BIOEQUA branding to south-east Asia country namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. MEDNSPA will certainly become a national craze in China market and the fame in industry.






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